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Careers in SAT

The Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT), or Scholastic Assessment Test, assists students in their path to college and career after high school and provides students with a variety of benefits once they pass this international-level test.

Avail scholarships

If you are looking to study abroad, giving the SAT exam is your best option, not just in terms of admission opportunities but also for scholarships. It is accepted at many leading Indian universities as well.

Get admitted to the finest colleges

A good score on the SAT test opens you to the finest colleges in the world, across streams. You can be from a small, obscure village, but if you score well, you can find yourself being offered admission, and even scholarship, from the most prestigious colleges globally.

Ensure success in your career

A graduation degree from one such institution ensures that your career is poised for a wonderful takeoff. With the name of these leading institutions to back your application, getting a job at some of the top-most companies in the world is a given.

Access high-quality education

Even if you are not looking to study abroad, there are plenty of top-notch Indian universities and colleges that accept SAT scores, and also offer scholarships. College Board conducts the SAT test and under its College Board India Scholars Program, it supports low-income meritorious students in India by giving them the opportunity to access high-quality undergraduate education for free at one of the esteemed India Global Alliance (IGA) members universities.

Avail multiple opportunities

It provides a full 100% tuition scholarship as well as SAT registration discounts of up to 90%, based on merit and means. Students who get 1300 or more on the SAT are SAT India Top Performers and scholarship recipients are selected from among these income-eligible students.