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Careers in IPM

An Integrated Program in Management (IPM) career can make your career rewarding, satisfying, and successful.

Excellent jobs in various industries

After doing the IPM program, a student is an IIM alumnus and can get an excellent job in the banking sector, the I.T. sector, the management sectors in BPC and KPO, multi-national organizations, retail, export companies, finance organizations, educational institutions, marketing organizations and more.

Corporate sector opportunities

Over the years, the program has become more popular in the industry and is widely accepted. An increasing number of IPM students are excelling in the corporate sector. When compared to other streams of graduation, management students have much better prospects. For example. a B.Tech. graduate from an average college will end up with placement of between 3 to 7 lakh Rupees, but an IIM/IPM graduate can expect an average salary starting at 18 lakh Rupees.

Entrepreneurship skills

During the course of their IPM program, students pick up business skills that are invaluable in pursuing entrepreneurship. They develop multifarious skills on the campus where they can expect holistic growth.

Flair for business management

The program also benefits budding entrepreneurs as it gives them working knowledge of business and management. With education limited not just to the classroom but as it also happens outside the classes, the networks they form and the learning that they experience here helps them throughout their careers.

Distinctive advantage

The industry recognizes that management students have a distinctive edge and are considered valuable by most companies. The various courses expose students to live projects, and case studies and offer them internships that they would otherwise be hard-pressed to secure.