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Careers in CAT

An MBA degree from a prestigious business school is one of the most in-demand skills in today’s world with leading corporates seeking to hire the finest talent out there.

Well-designed induction programme

We have all heard amazing stories about in-campus recruitments with unimaginable salaries and dream jobs; after an MBA, all of these can actually come true for you. Companies offer well-designed induction programs post-hiring that contribute to the growth of the recruits.

Corporate employment opportunities

To best understand your prospects of employment after an MBA, it is better to understand it from the dual perspective of an individual as well as that of a corporate. Corporations look for multitaskers and people of multifarious talents.

Expertise in dynamics of organizations

Those who have an understanding of the dynamics and functional aspects of organizations beyond their scope of expertise are given preference. Hence, to enhance your chances of securing appropriate employment, prospective employees need to be able to make timely and effective decisions relating to a particular function, while also understanding its impact on the other functions in the organization.

Paradigm shift in career

From an individual’s perspective, an MBA from a top business school brings a paradigm shift in one’s career by giving a head-start to one’s chosen career path and more growth as compared to experts in other fields. The salary for an MBA who is just starting out is comparable to that of a person in a technical profile job at a junior management level.

Areas of expertise

Increasingly, most top-level corporate jobs require an MBA, in addition to their particular area of expertise, be it engineering, chartered accountancy, or others. This is easily discernible from the profiles of top leaders in a corporate hierarchy.