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Zephyr is a mild gentle form of the TS Breeze. It is ideal for students in class 11th. The USP of this offering is its focus on building the right aptitude for entrance tests, the orientation of the students towards solving MCQs and necessitating steady work for goal achievement.


The BOLT PLUS program was designed by our expert faculty to help you pass CLAT, AILET, and other law entrance exams. For your CLAT preparation, you can get access to the best mentors through the BOLT program. Students who are preparing for CLAT, AILET, and other Law exams in just 40 days are most likely to benefit from this program.


For those with greater commitments through the week, Breeze Weekend, the extensive one-year weekend classroom program is specifically designed and managed to prepare you well for the immediate CLAT paper coming up. Whether you’re a student or pass out, our special program ensures sufficient time for developing core concepts and prepping with our online tests.


End all confusion in Legal -Read the most authoritative solutions prepared by CLAT Possible Legal Team. The course covers in-depth & detailed explanations of topics related to Legal aptitude with questions ranging from the past 28 years. All the major entrance exams are covered in this.


GK has always been touted as the game-changer as it accounts for a fair chunk in both CLAT and AILET. Taking the cues from the recently released CLAT sample paper, we have decided to further scale up our methodology to approach GK in a comprehensive way only to make the learning much smoother and more enjoyable. The emphasis is heavily laid on current affairs, and whatever the very few static questions they ask have linkages with contemporary news only!


This test series gives the last-minute push to your CLAT preparation. This test series is based on a New pattern of CLAT. It covers full-length tests extensively with CLAT and AILET mocks. The course has access to CLAT Possible online prep. The course has section-wise tests and video analyses of mocks.


The most timely test series to make CLAT 2021 possible! Hammerite Express is the test series based on the new CLAT 2021 pattern with all the new pattern changes and questions from credible sources. The test consists of in-depth explanations of all the answers with full-length tests.


HammerIt Plus is a full-function, all-encompassing test series that offers you exactly the right mix of all law entrance papers, not just CLAT. The students get access to mock papers for almost every entrance exam for any law school of significance in the country.


As the name suggests, HammerIt is an intensive test series that is meticulously designed and paced to induce self-learning and upgrading levels. The series begins with a comfortable level of ease to adapt the student to the format of the “test”. As they get adequately confident with the feat, the test levels go up all the way to a full-scale, extensive mode. During this process, the students are handheld by a specialized analysis, custom-made to help them achieve the goals of CLAT.


This is a one-year program for those who are looking at the same target year as their preparation. Even though the program is called pace; pace in no way signifies a lack of depth. The focus on fundamentals is just as rigorous. This crisp and rigorous program aims at the same clarity of concept and a successful outcome.


A long-term course in which a strong foundation is laid and then the progression to a higher level happens so that nothing is left out. This course is for a duration of approximately 2 years and here, aptitude testing becomes a habit as the focus is on fundamentals, known as build. After fundamentals, we move to practice and then go live.


This is one of the most unique initiatives in the test prep industry. We at Possible Education believe that money should not be an impediment for someone deserving. And hence, the Centre of Excellence batch was incepted. Admission to this batch happens strictly on merit through an aptitude test and interview.

IPM Impact

This is a short duration course for students who have appeared for their Class XIl boards. It is a rigorous program with 6-day classes and covers all BBA entrance exams. This is suited for students who are comfortable with basic aptitude and are majorly looking to enhance their skills and speed, to tackle the IPMAT.